What is Profit First?

Profit First is a methodology for strategically managing your money to ensure you always have cash available for the right purposes in your business.

With Profit First, you can be profitable, eliminate debt, improve your cash flow and all while still paying yourself. It will eliminate the confusion and overwhelm that can easily set in as a business owner.

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As a Certified Profit First Professional, we have access to all the tools from the worldwide resource library to help you build a profitable & sustainable business. We will be your trusted & passionate advisor working with you to ensure your business success. We specialise in creating a comprehensive targeted plan, which is personalised to your specific business needs.

If you want to prioritise your profits (and profit is not a dirty word!), it is really as simple as putting it first! We can help you do this. We will help you create a formula to remove the pressures of cash flow management, resulting in cash in the bank.

Don’t work for your business, your business will work for you!

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A bit about our Mike Michalowicz…

Mike Michalowicz experienced a lot of success early in his career founding and selling 2 multi-million dollar companies before he was 35.

He thought he knew the secrets of business success, and became an angel investor, however, Mike lost his fortune. Determined, Mike formulated the Profit First strategy.

Passionate to help other businesses grow and succeed Mike published his book, Profit First, full of strategies, case studies and formulations to help businesses of any size and industry to succeed.

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